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Alder Koten

July 20, 2023
F1 race infused with executive recruitment symbolizing Alder Koten's approach to CPO recruitment

Chief Product Officer Recruitment, Executive Search at Full Throttle

Experience the thrill of F1 racing fused with business as Alder Koten, led by Charlie Solorzano, redefines Chief Product Officer recruitment, using the same precision, velocity, and strategy to secure top-tier talent.
August 21, 2023
Chief Product Officer Role, responsibilities, distinctions, and hiring insights.

The Chief Product Officer Role

This article explores the Chief Product Officer role, its duties, and how to hire the perfect one
September 5, 2023
Formula 1 car on a track juxtaposed with a boardroom setting showcasing PE leadership discussions.

The F1 Strategy to PE-Backed CTO and CPO Success

Like an F1 car throttling on a track, PE-backed CTOs and CPOs require precision, agility, and foresight. Discover the key traits driving success in Private Equity through the lens of F1 strategy.
September 7, 2023
An F1 racer merged with a sales leadership strategy session, representing the synergy of speed, strategy, and guidance.

The Race for Sales Leadership: Revved by Formula 1 Strategy

In a world where predictability is a luxury, sales leaders, much like F1 racers, must navigate uncertain terrains. Unearth the traits that set exceptional leaders apart and how Alder Koten is reshaping the identification of tomorrow's sales mavens.