Executive Search Consultant - Charlie Solorzano

Charlie is an Executive Search Consultant and Managing Partner at Alder Koten.

His clients include some of the world’s most recognized organizations and investors.

Charlie Solorzano partners with clients in the Digital (Information Technology), fintechs, startups and scale ups to help them recruit talent and develop thriving cultures. Working broadly across sectors, Charlie specializes in Technology (CTO's CPO's), Fintechs, Startups and Scale Ups, with a strong focus on digital transformation, auto industry electrification, and Industry 4.0.

He works with clients at the intersection of technology and financial markets.

He continuously partners with emerging companies seeking to disrupt the world. Within the Tech industry, Charlie has worked on High Level and C-suite engagements. He also has worked with privately held and public companies to hire technology and business leaders.

He also works with a diverse range of established technology companies that are seeking to onboard transformational technology talent.

Charlie also co-leads Alder Koten's, Product, Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence Practice and Big Data & Analytics practices. He focuses on leadership work in product analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning across industries.

+1 (713) 476-9000


Digital Transformation

Recruiting technology and non-technical roles for digital transformations. The secret to digital transformation is culture not technology. If you’re hiring for a digital transformation your most important hires are not technical.


Fintech is a fast moving and explosively growing niche within the space between tech and finance. The surge of demand across all positions in this area from entry level to C-level has made professionals who have experience working in the financial tech sector extremely valuable to companies who operate in this space. Finding the right talent to drive FinTech innovation requires casting a wide net.

Startups & Scaleups

I help shape the startups and scale-ups that are disrupting the world.


I help my clients build amazing executive teams by identifying, recruiting, and hiring world-class leaders in product and technology.

Support Functions

Recruiting human resources, sales finance, legal, and other functional specialties that support Technology, Startups, Scaleups, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution organizations.

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