So? What is Fintech? - Charlie Solorzano

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a fast moving and explosively growing niche within the space between tech and finance. The surge of demand across all positions in this area from entry level to C-level has made professionals who have experience working in the financial tech sector extremely valuable to companies who operate in this space. What sets us apart Most headhunting firms are not aware that there are many types of companies who need Fintech talent outside of the large banks. Companies such as Payment Processors and Developers, Trading Organizations, Consultancies, Fintech and Bitcoin Startups, as well as Financial Software companies are all competing to find the best Fintech talent, which can make it difficult for companies to recruit internally for Fintech positions. Fintech recruitment requires a headhunting firm with experience as well as a willingness to learn about your business’ unique needs. Our elite team of recruiters will take the time to fully understand the role before we conduct a search for the Fintech professional your business needs. Our Team of Fintech headhunters understand the ins and outs of the fast paced and exciting Fintech arena. . We understand that Fintech is quickly becoming its own industry, with traditional roles like marketing, legal, and executive leadership that all require experience working within the Fintech field.

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